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AT Crofton Dental Care, we pride ourselves in providing one of the best Teeth Whitening treatments in the world. Our experienced dental professionals strive to deliver a high quality service and create beautiful white smiles

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a safe, an invasive and effective cosmetic procedure that can make your teeth whiter and brighter. There are two ways to carry out the procedure, Home or in office. For Home teeth whitening, we will provide you with a special custom made trays and whitening gel. A full demonstration will be carried out to aid you carry out the procedure safely and effectively.

On the other hand, the In-office system is carried out at our dental practice. The three steps for that procedure were outlined earlier.

What does teeth whitening feel like?

Our teeth whitening procedure is designed to be safe and pain-free. It is carried out in a very relaxed and comfortable environment.

Clients who already suffer from everyday tooth sensitivity, may experience a slight and mild sensitivity.

Is the consultation really free of charge?

Yes. It is a completely No obligation and free of charge consultation.

Why would I need my teeth whitened?

Teeth whitening can lighten the colour of your teeth but cannot, sometimes, make a complete colour change. Smoking, Drinks, such as Tea, coffee and red wine, and some food with strong colourings, can discolour your teeth. Damaged teeth, by trauma or decay, can also appear darker than the remaining healthy teeth. The general dental professional clean with scale & polish or air abrasion, can only remove the surface staining. Other options, like dental veneers and crowns, require tooth reduction and can not only change the colour but also the shape of your teeth.

How long will the results of teeth whitening last?

Your new bright and white smile, same as anything else in life, need to be maintained well and looked after. Teeth whitening, if carried out professionally, can last up to two years. The maintenance program is, therefore, highly recommend to preserve and prolong the effect of teeth whitening treatment. This program involves continuous six monthly whitening treatment along with oral hygiene instructions and dietary advice to aid you maintain your new dazzling white smile.

Is teeth whitening safe?

Yes. All treatments at Crofton Dental Care are carried out to the highest standards by fully qualified, highly experienced dental professionals who are registered with the GDC (General Dental Council). The whitening gels used have 6% hydrogen peroxide and that is fully complying with the EU legislation concerning the safety of teeth whitening solutions. Therefore, there are no harmful side-effects to your teeth which can result from higher hydrogen peroxide concentrations.

How long does the procedure take?

The treatment usually takes around 60 minutes to ascertain that the desired results are achieved. An additional half an hour or so may be required for after care advice and to ensure to ensure complete satisfaction.

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