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The Pain Free Process:

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At Crofton Dental Care, all treatments are carried out by very experienced, fully qualified and GDC registered dental professionals. Our industry leading teeth whitening, Zoom Power Advanced Whitening System, can provide immediate results within one hour of your time and leave you to enjoy the substantial results.

Below are the three steps that you would experience:

Step 1:

What sets us apart is that we initially carry out a professional Free consultation. During which, we give you a clear idea of the likely results.

This is done by taking the shade sample of your teeth colour and comparing it to the likely colour to be achieved after tooth whitening.

Teeth are then cleaned thoroughly and prepared well for the procedure.

Step 2

After applying a special mouth guard, teeth are coated with a specially formed whitening agent which is activated by distributing a high energy Blue Spectrum LED light over the teeth.

This Blue light proves to be the most effective method to activate the whitening agent without damaging or overhearing your teeth. This cycle is repeated three to four times and the whole session can take around one hour. This is to leave you with a dazzling white and bright teeth to enjoy!

Step 3

Once results are verified, you will be provided with a professional aftercare advice and maintenance regime in order to maximise the results well into the future.

The new brighter and whiter smile can revitalise self-esteem and image and boost your confidence.

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